Dividend Policy

Enerjisa Enerji A.Ş.’s (“Company”) Dividend Policy (“Policy”) is prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code no. 6102, Capital Markets Law no. 6362, and Communique on Dividends (II-19.1) of the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (“CMB”), Capital Markets Legislation and the provisions of our Articles of Association. Within the scope of this Policy, the Company targets cash dividend distribution in an amount of up to 100% of the net profit recorded under the consolidated and audited annual financial statements which are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), excluding any exceptional items.

The annual dividend amount to be distributed in cash shall be determined by calculation of the ‘distributable earnings’ in accordance with the Capital Markets Legislation and the targets stated above.

Implementation of this Policy and the ratio of distributable dividend in cash is subject to various components, including but not limited to, the Company’s investment and financing strategies and needs, amendments and developments in the applicable regulation, mid to long-term strategies the Company, capital and investment requirements, profitability, financial position, indebtedness and liquidity position, as well as domestic and global economic conditions. In line with these conditions, the amount of the distributable dividend may be lower than the targeted amount, or the Company may decide not to distribute dividend upon proposal of the Board of Directors and approval of the General Assembly.

Dividends will be distributed equally to all shareholders, regardless of their date of issuance and acquisition with in the legal period following the approval of the General Assembly on the date determined by the General Assembly. Dividend payments will be made once or in instalments.

Articles of Association of the Company determines that the Company may distribute advanced dividends in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Unless all reserves required by law are set aside and the dividend determined for the shareholders as per these Articles of Association are distributed, it cannot be resolved to set aside other reserve funds, or to carry forward profit to the next year, or to distribute profit to the holders of dividend shares (shall be written if there are any holders of dividend share),  members of the Board of Directors, employees of the partnership and to distribute profit to these persons unless the dividend determined for the shareholders is paid in cash.

Provided that all reserves required by law are set aside and the dividend determined for the shareholders as per these Articles of Association are distributed, General Assembly can transfer a portion or all of the net profit to the extraordinary reserves. If the Board of the Company offers the General Assembly not to distribute dividend, the reason for not distributing dividends and information about the usage of undistributed profit needs to be presented to the shareholders at the General Assembly Meeting.

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