Donation and Grants Policy

Subject to the restrictions set forth in this Donation and Grants Policy, Enerjisa Enerji A.Ş. (the “Company”) can donate to and grant to the persons, non-governmental organizations, associations or foundations, universities, public institutions and organizations, all of which are active in the fields of education, culture, arts, environment and sport, within the principles stipulated in the Capital Markets Law numbered 6362, Dividends Communiqué (II-19.1) of the Capital Markets Board of Turkey and other Capital Markets Legislation, with a corporate sense of social responsibility, without limited to those listed.

All payments (in particular sponsoring activities and memberships) to political parties, organizations with a connection to political parties, domestic and foreign authorities as well as public officials must, without exception, be submitted in time to the responsible compliance officer for approval. In addition, the Company aims to make donations and grants which are only of a tax deductible nature.

Pursuant to Article 17 of the Company’s Articles of Association, the Company can donate 1% of its consolidated profit to Sabancı University and/or Sabancı Association. In addition to the above, the total limit of donations to be made in the fiscal year is determined by the General Assembly.

All donations and grants are carried out in accordance with the resolution of the board of directors of the Company, in compliance with the vision, mission and policies of the Company and based on the ethical principles and values of the Company. Donations and grants can be carried out in two manners; in cash and in kind.

The Company, in line with the principles mentioned in the Donation and Grants Policy and the principles stipulated by the regulations applicable to the Company, submits all donations and grants made in each fiscal year to the attention of the shareholders at the General Assembly Meeting of the relevant year with a separate agenda item.

The necessary material event disclosures shall be made pursuant to the Capital Markets legislation, if the donations and grants made by the Company equals to 1% or more of the total assets of the Company recorded under the latest publicly available balance sheet of the Company; or if the sum of donations and grants that are below 1%, reaches at 1% or more of the total assets of the Company recorded under the latest publicly available balance sheet of the Company.

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