Information Security

Personal Data Privacy

As Enerjisa, we keep your personal data confidential at all times, and only share it with relevant authorities according to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. For the Enerjisa Policy on Protection of Personal Data, please click here.

Cyber Attacks

In our daily lives, you may be exposed to a cyber-attack that seeks to access our personal details or accounts. Cyber-attacks could be as;

  • Phishing/Fake e-mails (they may ask to open malicious various links or attachments, or sent with content and addresses, such as real life)
  • Fake/hoax web site links (could be countered on search engines),
  • Insecure marketing and sponsor links on internet sites,
  • SMS messages with fake content and links,
  • Fake applications that can be downloaded from application stores,
  • Fake phone calls as if they were call centers but made by non-corporate numbers


For Your Safety;

  • As Enerjisa, we would not ask your password or personal information in any e-mail. So whatever writes in the sender section, do not send your personal details by e-mail.
  • If you could not be sure of the sender, or fake e-mails which may have highly consistent invoices, these e-mails may ask from you to open the virus-infecting link or an attachment to see the details of the invoice. Do not rate this and similar emails and do not open attached files.
  • You may be asked to visit illegal copies of the actual sites with fake web addresses and enter your information via these sites. Do not enter your personal information without checking the address you will visit and the SSL certificate for this URL’s.
  • If you could not be sure of the sender, please do not rate SMS messages which ask you to click on the links. (e.g. to activate your account, or similar directives)
  • Do not download applications from mobile phones and tablets except for unofficial markets.


For Your Complaints/Incident Notifications

Do not hesitate to let us know about your problems in our systems or fraud initiatives. You can share your complaints with us through the form at the end of our page.

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