The Remuneration Policy (“Policy”) of Enerjisa Enerji A.Ş. (“Company”) defines the remuneration system and benefits applicable to the members of board of directors and executive managers, who have administrative liabilities in accordance with the Capital Markets Law numbered 6362, Communiqué on Corporate Governance (II-17.1) of the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (“CMB”) and other Capital Markets legislation.

The dividend, stock option or the Company’s performance-based payment plans do not apply to independent members of board of directors.

Expenses incurred by members of board of directors during their service to the Company (transportation, telephone, insurance and other costs) may be reimbursed by the Company.

The remuneration policy and benefits management system are based on fair, objective, performance-oriented, competitive, encouraging and motivating criteria.

The objectives of our remuneration policy are to ensure that remuneration take into consideration business size, performance, business contribution, knowledge, skills and competencies; to increase employee motivation and loyalty through observing wage balance within the company and among similar companies, and achieving competitiveness in the market; and to retain a competent workforce that will enable the Company to achieve its targets.

The business family model [1]  in effect defines organizational roles, key responsibilities, performance indicators, knowledge and skills, and competencies, and the remuneration policy is built on an objective system that is designed with the business family model at its core.

The remuneration of executive managers consists of two components: base pay and performance bonus.

The base component is paid 16 times a year. Executive managers may also be eligible for a variable performance bonus to be paid three months following the close of relevant fiscal year, which is calculated as a percentage of gross annual wages according to Company and individual performance ratings. The purpose of the performance-driven bonus pay is to reward achievements and encourage employees to display exceptional performance and meet or exceed the budgeted targets of the Company, thereby instilling a goal-oriented performance culture in the Company.

Benefits constitute an important part of total reward management in order to support wages with additional benefits. The Company seeks to ensure that additional benefits are fair, competitive and compatible with market conditions. Benefits extended to executive managers include, among others, private medical and health insurance, Company-matched pension plans, Company telephone lines and Company cars.

[1] “business family model” describes a number of different roles which are engaged in the same kind of work. Every Business Family forms a homogeneous set of job positions of the same nature which are responsible for the accomplishment of a certain role within an organization. (e.g. Operational management, Professional  Administrative, Technological)

As ENERJİSA ENERJİ A.Ş., paying attention to Health & Safety issues and aiming to be one of pioneering energy companies in the industry and world; through our distribution and sales activities we;

  • Adopt Health & Safety as a natural part of our business.
  • Aim at improving and sustaining our Health & Safety culture and Environmental awareness.
  • Adopt approach principles while performing our activities.
  • Comply with our legal and other requirements regarding to Health & Safety.
  • Having believed that occupational accidents or occupational illnessess are avoidable, identify all risks, which may deteriorate overall health of employees and take all necessary measures.
  • Also considering the good practices in the industry and world, set measureable targets for Health & Safety, regularly review achievements attained, and continuously improve our performance and management systems in this field.
  • Ensure that our employees at all levels and our stakeholders participate in all activities with cooperation to improve Health & Safety practices with the support of the Top Management.


We do not compromise on Health & Safety.

As Enerjisa Enerji A.Ş., we conduct all our activities, including our distribution and sales business lines in particular, according to the following fundamental principles:

  • We fulfil all our statutory and other compliance obligations related with the Environment.
  • While performing our activities, we adopt the principles of sustainable development and prevention of pollution at source.
  • By reducing the wastes originating from our activities at source as much as possible; we ensure that wastes are recycled, recovered, reused or disposed without causing any harm or damage to the environment.
  • We contribute in the fight against climate change. In this context, we conduct activities oriented towards reducing energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We aim to continuously reduce the consumption of water necessary for our activities by efficiently using water, one of our most important natural resources.
  • We monitor and aim to reduce our air and wastewater emissions originating from our activities. We satisfy the legal requirements related with wastewater quality.
  • We pay due attention and care for direct and indirect biodiversity protection in all our operational areas.
  • We set measurable targets for the field of environment; and we continuously improve our environmental management system by periodically assessing our performance against such targets.
  • While determining the methodologies and goals for our environmental management system, we benefit from the contributions of our employees, customers, business partners, investors and other stakeholders as well as our senior management.
  • We aim to develop, expand and maintain environmental awareness across our institution.
  • We encourage our entire business network, including our employees, suppliers and business partners in particular, to maintain their environmentally-responsible activities.
  • In case of procurement of products-services with substantial environmental aspects, we identify the necessary environmental conditions in line with the life cycle principle and share them with our suppliers. Thus, we contribute in the improvement of our suppliers’ environmental performances.
  • We conduct awareness-raising activities for development of environmental awareness among all stakeholders of the energy sector in line with our responsibility arising from our position in the sector and we aim to lead the sector in this field.
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard is the fundamental guide that we use in all our activities.
  • We ensure the monitoring and auditing of our environmental policy as part of our environmental management system.

The Sustainability Committee of Enerjisa Energy meets regularly and takes decisions by reviewing the Environmental Policy and environmental performance, and reports to the Board of Directors.

We regularly share with stakeholders the environmental performance that we continuously monitor in accordance with the Environmental Policy, through Sustainability Reports. We identify the issues of top priority in the field of environment in line with the stakeholder analyses and according to the local and global trends that are of interest for the sector. We make use of such priority issues that we have identified in the field of environment while developing and revising the Environmental Policy.

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